It's time to wake up from your apathy

I don't know what's more depressing these days, learning that almost 10% of Canadians are on anti-depressants or that scientists recently discovered traces of antidepressants in 10 species of fish in the Niagara river. 

Apparently scientists are concerned about how the levels of antidepressants will impact fish behaviour and possibly change the biodiversity of the lakes - which would obviously affect us all. 

But of course none of this means anything to anyone if it doesn't directly impact our health - at least not yet. I find it incredibly sad to think about innocent fish in the lakes, or oceans, or wherever, having to bare the cost of our environmental apathy. Apathy that will continue to perpetuate injustices in the ocean and in the world. 

If you were a fish, you'd want humans to care about your wellbeing right? 

You'd get mad if your home was being polluted with toxins and chemicals that were slowly messing with your biological makeup right? 

We have got to stop thinking of fish just as food but instead as part of the biodiversity that connects us all. Everything comes back to us and it's a fragile system that we have to protect. 

We all have a responsibility to learn more about how our choices and decisions impact the world around us. 

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