Dive deeper into fish sourcing

I had the privilege of speaking with experienced fisherman, entrepreneur and industrial designer Malcolm Fontier about sustainable fishing and ocean conservation today. 

Malcolm, based out of New York, has been fishing since he was 3 years old around New York, Cape Cod and around the world where there is opportunity. He just returned from fishing in Mexico. He said he used to fish in lakes but more recently have learned to love fishing in the ocean. When I asked him what types of fish he typically goes out to catch, he told me he likes to go out for striped bass, dogfish and tuna. 

I also learned from him that apparently dogfish are plentiful in Cape Cod but are a nuisance to the local fisherman there. They are often exported to the UK for fish and chips and are delicious! I had never heard about dogfish until speaking to him. 

Since Malcolm has been fishing for decades, I asked him what he considered 'sustainable fishing'. For him, it means to really know the source of your fish - whether that means going out to catch fish yourself, being connected to your local fisherman or just knowing how the fish you're eating ended up on your plate. 

For those who have no interest in going fishing yourself, Malcolm believes that the key to sustainability is in "educating yourself to the next level about where your fish comes from". No matter if you're a fisherman, chef or sushi lover, we can all do more to get educated about fish sourcing. 

Malcolm is currently working on a company called Upstream & Co. to tackle the issue of plastic waste in our waterways. He works with a team of designers to create products that have direct (products that clean and filter) and non-direct (plastic alternatives) impact to reduce plastic waste in the ocean. He's looking for marketers passionate about ocean conservation to join his team. 

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To contact Malcolm or to find out more about him, click here