Finding halibut

In preparation for the upcoming Halibut Tales event in Long Beach, LA, I've been doing a lot of research on where the halibut you eat come from. 

My research took me to wholesaler Los Angeles Fish Co. for a tour. Here's a whole small halibut fish. This is an Atlantic Halibut that's likely younger than 8 years. I've been reading about how commercial Atlantic halibut fishing is unsustainable and that you should always choose with Pacific Halibut instead. The reason is because the Atlantic Halibut fish stocks are heavily depleted since baby fish like this are taken out of the water before they reach reproduction age. The reproduction age for Halibut is 8 years old or around 30 inches long. 

For more information on sustainable halibut, check Seafood Watch for details. 

 I'm so excited to share the story of the halibut fish with you all soon. 

Stay tuned!