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Every year, we aim to run 4 events locally. Each event is curiosity-led and topic-driven, meaning they are guided by the questions we might ask as an urban environmentalist. Questions like—Where does my trash go and how does that affect the ocean? How can I eat salmon sustainably? Does my shampoo affect fish in the sea? We tackle each topic in the format of “Tales”.


Jellyfish Tales

Topic: Moon jellies. How might an overabundance of jellyfish in our oceans impact ecosystems and climate change? Join us on the paddle-board to find out!

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Lake Tales

Topic: Waste to water. How your everyday products can end up in water systems leading to the ocean. Join us under the white tent at the beach for a discussion.


Halibut Tales

Topic: Contemporary commercial fishing methods. Why sustainable seafood can be tricky. Join us for a special cooking class to learn how to make a 3-course dinner with locally caught halibut.

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